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Wash your hands while being gentle to your skin

Eau thermale avèneEau thermale avène
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Publié le 28 avril 2020, mis à jour le 29 avril 2020

Did you know that a world day for handwashing exists? This year, the 15th of October will be the 12th Anniversary. But handwashing should not be reserved for just one day when you know that 80% of germs are spread by hands. Let’s say it is important to wash your hands properly and regularly, especially at this time!


Eau thermale Avène


Invented over three thousand years ago, soap remains the first-rate ally for our hygiene. As long as you make good use of it.

Normal soaps are detergent in order to remove dirt, with an alkaline pH to clean… or even strip! Indeed, the pH of healthy skin is slightly acidic, if the soap reduces this natural pH which protects from bad bacteria and which maintains the protective film, your skin will be fragile and irritated.

Which soap should we use?

The soap ‘free-soap’ has special surfactants to offer a slightly neutral or acidic pH, to gently cleanse intolerant or atopic skin.

Another advantage may be ‘superfatted’ soap, which contains an excess of fatty acid to compensate for the drying effect by restoring the skin's natural hydrolipidic film.
For dry skin and suitable for the whole family, we recommend the use of TriXera Nutri Fluid cleanser


Eau thermale avène


For atopic skin prefer the XeraCalm A.D lipid-replenishing cleansing oil.


eau thermale avène


Beyond soap, there are many other factors that can damage the skin: a long stay in the water, the prolonged wearing of gloves which prevents sweat from evaporating, the cold, calcic water, the use of hand sanitizer, etc. The cutaneous flora is altered, the skin loses elasticity and firmness and is then quickly damaged. Hands have a hard time: dryness, tightness, tingling…

One solution can be prevented, with the use of protective barrier cream. For instance, the Avène Cicalfate repair barrier cream containing Thermal Spring Water. It is fragrant free, and its formula contains a repairing and antibacterial activity to restore superficial layers of the epidermis, soothe and protect your hands.

The washing time is ideally 20 seconds or more

To wait in music, the website ‘Wash Your Lyrics’ allows you to create your own poster with the lyrics of your favorite song. And to inspire you: Gloria Gaynor challenges the coronavirus with "I Will Survive" on TikTok



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