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Grand Prix France - Hong Kong 2022 : call for applications 

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Écrit par Vaiiti Raygadas
Publié le 15 mars 2022, mis à jour le 16 mars 2022

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This year, for the first time, lepetitjournal.com organizes the Grand Prix France - Hong Kong which rewards joint projects between French and Hong Kong people.

Grand Prix France - Hong Kong 2022 is a bi-cultural event

Following the success of the Trophées de Français de Hong Kong contest, lepetitjournal.com has decided to create a new event which sheds light on collaboration between France and Hong Kong: the Grand Prix France Hong Kong. Our newspaper promotes collaboration between French people living in Hong Kong or elsewhere with Hongkongers through rewarding joint and inspiring projects that contribute positively to both communities.

Culture, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development …

The French presence in Hong Kong is not only characterized by the size of their community, but also by their contribution to the economic, social and cultural development. Today, we wish to celebrate initiatives in various fields including culture, entrepreneurship, gastronomy, human resources, education, sustainable development which involve French and Hong Kong people working together! Hence, any joint collaboration contributing positively to the influence, reputation or relationship of both territories is eligible to the Grand Prix France - Hong Kong.

Applications starting now, awards announced early this summer

The application period runs from March, 16th until April 30th, 2022. A jury composed of Grand Prix France Hong Kong’s sponsors and partners including the French Alliance of Hong Kong, the French Chamber of Commerce, the Consulate General of France to Hong Kong and Macao, the French May and Emilie Tran, academic responsible for the European stream of Hong Kong Baptist University, wil select the winning projects in May. The results will be announced on June 9th, 2022. An official award ceremony will be held when the sanitary situation will allow it. 

Besides recognizing the value and significant contribution of participants, more visibility will be given to the awardee projects as video reportages will be shot, press articles shared on social media as well as within our partners, sponsors and other networks.


trophees français hong kong
Hong Kong French Trophies 2021


Detailed planning of the Grand Prix France Hong Kong 2022

March 16th to April 30th : Application period

Starting from today - and until April 30th - French people, French speakers of Hong Kong, participants of French - Hong Kong projects can apply online. Any joint project - initiative within the corporate world, charitable event by a group of friends, artistic partnership etc. - are encouraged to apply!

May : Analysis and selection of winning projects by the jury

The awardee projects will be designated by our official partners and sponsors, and results will be announced on June 9th, 2022.

Award ceremony of the Grand Prix France - Hong kong 2022

Following the designation of the winners, an official award ceremony will be held depending on the evolution of the sanitary situation. 


multicultural collaboration
Promote multiculural collaboration Photo@Unsplash/krakenimages


How to participate in the Grand Prix France - Hong kong 2022 ?

Applications are open starting from today, March 16th, 2022. A detailed form is available to allow a thorough understanding of the French - Hong Kong link and values of the project to our Jury and journalists, and hence allow us to present these different initiatives to our readers. 

Application  Grand Prix France - Hong Kong 2022 

Lepetitjournal.com team is delighted to host its first season of Grand prix France - Hong Kong 2022 and hope to bring positive and promising actuality to our communities. 


grand prix france hong kong


vaiiti raygadas
Publié le 15 mars 2022, mis à jour le 16 mars 2022

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