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New Caledonia: a dream and getaway destination 2h30 from Auckland

New CaledoniaNew Caledonia
Écrit par Nouvelle-Calédonie Tourisme
Publié le 16 juillet 2019, mis à jour le 18 février 2021

New Caledonia is a collection of little islands emerging from turquoise waters in the Pacific and is New Zealand’s closest neighbor only 2.5 hours away from Auckland. Discover a unique and multi-faceted destination.



New Caledonia, land of eternal spring, is a land of adventure and charm in the heart of the largest lagoon in the world. The beauty and diversity of its landscapes will delight the adventurers of the world, the enthusiasts, the athletes, the curious travellers and the audacious in search of authenticity.

Sally Pepermans, New Caledonia Tourism Director:

The Kanaks (natives of the island) give it its Melanesian culture, it’s one of the largest lagoon in the world listed by UNESCO since 2008, it is an island with idyllic landscapes, beautiful beaches, a variety of wildlife and extraordinary Nlora and it has a very French touch.

From the heavenly beaches of the Isle of Pines to bush life of Kanak culture, from vast areas of pristine nature to the vibrant capital of Nouméa, New Caledonia offers a range of experiences in a unique ecosystem in the world, World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

This archipelago rich of history, culture and local gastronomy make it a dream getaway and a thrilling adventure at the end of the world with extraordinary experiences, amazing discoveries and cultural exchange.

"Feel the pulse of New Cal": a unique journey between extraordinary adventure, Melanesian culture and local gastronomy.


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