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Angel's Salumi & Truffles

Our mission is to produce unique handcrafted salami with the finest natural meats inspired by Mediterranean and European influences. We use purebred Berkshire Pork and wild game meats such as duck, bison, wild boar, elk, and venison.
All our meats are certified antibiotic free, steroid free, and free of growth hormones. The game meats are free range, cage-free or wild. The Berkshire hog is included in the 6-point USDA verified program, which controls and documents the processing and humane raising of the meat.
Angel's Salumi & Trufles added "La Maison de la Truffe Crayssac" (founded 1900 in Périgord, France) to bring European tradition to the American table. Crayssac manufactures their black and white truffle products In France and Italy such as pearl caviar, sea salts, pureé, peelings, carpaccio, and juice. The black and white truffle oils, butters and salami are processed in California.
"With Angel's Salumi & Truffles, you will transform your favorite recipes into gastronomic delight!"

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