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Meeting with Romain Le Gal, owner of La Petite Fourchette pâtisserie

LPF RomainLPF Romain
Nathalie and Romain Le Gal, co-owners of La Petite Fourchette - Photo : Photography by Angie Humphreys (Metromag)

L’Assiette is transforming. Opened in Britomart back in 2011 by Romain and Natalie Le Gal, a French-kiwi couple, L’Assiette café officially closed its doors at the end of August. After a couple weeks of renovations, it will open again the 9th of September as La Petite Fourchette Britomart, an authentic French boulangerie and patisserie, similar to the one Romain and Natalie opened last year in Wynyard Quarter.lepetitjournal.com : Hi Romain, L’Assiette is closing after a decade. How does it feel?  It’s very strange - L’Assiette was the first restaurant we opened, Natalie and I thought a lot about it before deciding to start this new project. We are a bit sad of course but we know it’s important to evolve. What made you decide to transform L’Assiette into a La Petite Fourchette? Was it a strategic decision? There was a real need to reinvigorate. Britomart has developed a lot over the past few years and we need to follow and evolve ourselves. La Petite Fourchette Britomart will retain the best of L’Assiette along with our patisserie range developed at La Petite Fourchette Wynyard. Tell us more about La Petite Fourchette’s beginning?  We simply wanted our pâtisseries to be homemade. We wanted to create our own products for our two restaurants at the time, L’Assiette and La Fourchette, and have our own identity with it. We started slowly at La Fourchette with only a few pâtisseries, and quickly realized we would need extra room to develop a whole collection. So last year we decided to open La Petite Fourchette in the newly developed Wynyard Quarter, where you can find “The Lab” as the pastry chefs like to call it. 


La Petite Fourchette describes itself as an authentic French boulangerie and patisserie. How do you manage that on the other side of the world?  Thanks to the staff. Almost everyone is from France. But also by importing French products, like our cheeses for our savoury range, croque-monsieurs, quiches... You can also find all the traditional French patisseries such as : the “mille-feuille”, éclairs, lemon meringue tarts, but also madeleines, flans, canelés, macarons... The savoir-faire of our staff is what really brings our French identity to La Petite Fourchette. They know how to make the products the “French way”.What will we find on your menu at the Britomart store? Will it be the same as Wynyard’s one? You will find all the products we already have available at La Petite Fourchette Wynyard, plus an all-day Breakfast menu, where we kept the signature dishes that L’Assiette’s regulars love the most. Our breakfasts are French-kiwi inspired with things such as “La Galette de Pomme de Terre” our classic Hashbrown, but also Omelettes, Eggs Benedict, as well as our all-time fave crowd pleaser: our traditional French Toast with homemade brioche. A real treat. 


La Petite Fourchette | LPF 9 Britomart Place, Britomart. Auckland  Monday to Friday – 7am | 4pm Saturday & Sunday – 9am | 4pmwww.lapetitefourchette.co.nz



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