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TOURNAGE : glissez-vous dans la peau de Coco Chanel !

Offre d'emploi Nouvelle-Zélande Offre d'emploi Nouvelle-Zélande
Écrit par Lepetitjournal.com Auckland
Publié le 30 mai 2019, mis à jour le 16 mars 2020

Papaya Stories, a unique storytelling website and events entertainment agency, is taking part in Elemental Festival (July 2019) looking for one of a kind French Kiwi or French Lady who lives in Auckland who will be keen to act as Coco Chanel during the event "Breakfast with Chanel” of Elemental Festival.

We are looking for the female (23 - 45 years old) who might have some facial similarities with Coco Chanel, is interested in fashion, arts and culture, ideally (not compulsory) can speak French,  but most importantly is comfortable at performing in front of the small audience (we will have an intimate space with a group of 20-25 people). It's a great opportunity for the passionate, creative person who is willing to take a chance in a new project, work along the creative professional crew, as well as share your unique talents with the wider audience in a unique event format.

No previous acting experience is required, and you don't have to be a professional actor either, but if you are a professional, we would love to hear from you too. To be the best Coco Chanel it's essential to have a genuine interest to try something new, learn fast, feel good about improvising and learn more about Coco Chanel, her life, perks and how you can freely entertain the audience during the breakfast. Don't worry you will be able to have WC breaks and get out character from time to time. Our drama teacher will share some hacks during the drama workshop.

Payment: $200 (after the event)
Costumes, make-up will be supplied

If you decide to commit to this opportunity, make sure you can attend the following fun meetings to get most of the experience:

- Group meeting with other actors & crew - early June
- Publicity Photo Shoot at the venue (La Cigale) mid-June (you will be able to use the photographs too)
- Drama Class & Workshop by Steven Lyons (free for you to attend) that will not only provide you with some acting technique, improv skills but also provide with a foundation on how you can build your Coco Chanel character based on our brainstorm ideas. - late June
- Event Date: Sat 20 July from 9am - 11am – La Cigale


If it sounds like a fun opportunity not to be missed, if you like to try yourself as an improv actor and channel your French charisma please apply (before the third of June) by:

Email: papayastories@gmail.com or auckland@lepetitjournal.com

Call: 022 438 78 06 


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