Dimanche 29 novembre 2020
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Selected FrenchTech UK for my company etzouelearning
Best Pepites start-up October 2019
Awards winning Entrepreneur of the Year 2019! - Brilliant Business Awards H&Fulham 2019 in two categories: best start-up digital Entrepreneur of the Year.
Quality Mark Gold NRCSE for my company Et Patati Patata 2018
Silver Awards NRCSE for my company Et Patati Patata 2017
Bronze Awards NRCSE for my company Et Patati Patata 2016
Etzouelearning at House of Parliament May 2019: https://www.etzouelearning.com/post/etzou-generation-at-the-house-of-parliament-21-05-2019 o debate on #diversitylanguages #betterfuture #languageheritage #frenchlanguage #supplementaryeducation #citizenslanguages Internet is really helpful for our citizens in education! @nrcse


etzouelearning permet de donner des cours à des personnes qui ne peuvent se déplacer, des personnes handicapées ou à mobilité réduite et aussi de donner la possibilite à des personnes handicapées de travailler de chez elles.

Etzouelearning est green. "e-learning produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions than standard face-to-face or distance learning". https://www.etzouelearning.com/eco-friendly

Conscious e learning with Et Zou
Etzoueleraning reverse une partie de ses cours à une association afin d ;aider adns le domaine de l’Education.
Etzou reverse a % of thee learning fees to Sonia association teaching languages to vulnerable groups.

The association:
SONIA ("SOciety for New Initiatives and Activities" is a non profit organization) established in July 2002. This association is legally registered in Italy (registration number 9727510584). SONIA is a lay and multicultural organisation engaged in issues related to the self-determined and sustainable development of marginalized and vulnerable groups (indigenous peoples, youth, children, women and migrants) in the global south. In 2019. Et Zou will provide e learning English lessons to women in Democratic Republic of Congo.

etzouelearning.com permet de garder la langue française. Des cours qui s'adaptent a un nouveau mode vie, Voir notre Vidéo:

C'est la #etzougeneration