Samedi 19 septembre 2020
Édition Internationale
Édition Internationale


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Caroline TOBING, Social entrepreneur
Social et Humanitaire, Entrepreneur
I believe if you save heritage skills, you are preserving a large chunk of a country's cultural heritage. In Indonesia, not everyone has a chance to go to school and at the same time, not everyone likes to go to school. Some likes to create and use the skills that were passed down to them. But money is definitely an important factor. And even in rural Indonesia one need money to send their own children to school to seek medical needs and to feed families.

Our program gives the benefit to these artisans to go back to their villages stay home and keep these heritage skills alive while making a good income. We practice Fairtrade, meaning we take care of the artisans need by giving down-payments and tools needed, by giving guidance through design and buying each individual pieces at the highest price we can afford to resale it. In this equation, the artisan has no risk, his products are already half prepaid before he even starts working and gets fully paid upon completion. Indonesia in this manner can retain those skills that define its heritage.