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TAKE OVER OFFER – French webzine www.lepetitjournal/shanghai Managing Editor

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French webzine www.lepetitjournal/shanghai
Managing Editor




With nearly 40,000 read pages and 20,000 unique visitors per month, Shanghai is one of the 5 most dynamic editions of the network of the 60 worldwide franchise. As the current Director of China Marie-Ève Richet plans to leave China in June 2017, we are looking for a candidate interested in taking over the edition and managing it.

The management of an edition consists of define and animate everyday the local editorial content, ensuring privileged relationships with institutional and french speaking associations in Shanghai. Furthermore, there is turnover to develop with advertisers to ensure the financial sustainability of the edition. Everything is supported by an international IT and editorial platform provided by the franchise in Paris.
The Shanghai edition was structured in a small company managed by Marie-Ève Richet. We propose to sell this business activity, especially a client portfolio composed of around fifty advertisers.
The buyer will receive signing the historical, a training to tools and to the actual organization and full guidance on the recovery period, including commercial, editorial and management items.


If you are interested, please contact :

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