Lundi 25 octobre 2021

Trust & confusion

Trust & confusion

tai kwun exposition

trust & confusion is about the conversation of certainty and chance; the transformative power of bodies, intangibles, and ephemeral encounters; music and magic; and the luck of being alive, with all the concerns that come with it, be they human or not. Evolving, accumulating, the exhibition unfolds over several episodes, on site and online, from now to the end of the year.

trust & confusion transforms the white cube space into a fluctuating environment that hosts activities and sensations; it transforms this space in favour of movements, interactions, and deep listening for ears and bodies. A new relationship of you and I, along with new associations and experiences, shares this temporality. There are several visible performances taking place as you enter, and several invisible ones, mostly new commissions from an intergenerational, international, and cosmopolitan group of artists.

First sketching out the contours of the exhibition in 2019, we imagined creating a ground for our community—polarised and exhausted by the turmoil of that year—to come together and rest. A new communal intimacy was called for: quieter, more playful, body-centred, and tactile, safe from abuse and diminishment, a healing space. A constellation of live works of art exploring the individual and collective body through conversations, games, gatherings, and imagination was conceived.

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